TWIST and Argonne@Lunch: Tour of Nuclear Engineering Exhibit Hall

TWIST Tour and Argonne@Lunch: Tour of Nuclear Engineering Exhibit Hall

If you missed this, a link to the recording is here:

November 9, 2017   12:00-01:00 PM

Building 208

TWIST Tour Series / Argonne@Lunch

The group will meet at the lobby of Building 208. Please arrive by 11:45 a.m. We will do a quick orientation and proceed to the tour location.

Argonne@Lunch and TWIST tours are combining forces! Come and join us for the first in a series TWIST tour that will be streamed via Facebook Live.

This time TWIST will re-explore Nuclear Engineering Exhibit Hall and will help Argonne to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the world’s first artificial nuclear chain reaction (also known as Chicago Pile Number 1). The reaction was achieved under the viewing stands of the University of Chicago’s original Stagg Field at the direction of Enrico Fermi, Argonne National Laboratory’s first director.

Due to a limit on the number of participants, registration is required.  Register online   by COB Tuesday, Nov 7th.

The TWIST tours are co-organized by Natalia Saraeva (NE) and Ray Patchak (ESQ). These tours are designed to give all Argonne employees an opportunity to learn more about the work being done onsite. About three tours per year are planned, with a different site for each tour.

TWIST grew out of the laboratory facility tours offered to high school girls at the annual Science Careers in Search of Women Conference. Beginning in 2012, WIST members Ja-Quel West (MCS) and Lydia Finney (XSD) recognized the value and popularity of these student tours, and co-founded the tour series so that everyone in the lab could have opportunities to learn about the exciting research being done here. For more information about previous tours, go to WIST blog page

Check back here for more information about how to connect to the Facebook Live stream of the tour, coming soon!




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