Many enthusiastically sung “Auld Lang Syne,” this year as they put 2020 in their rearview mirror! And according to a recent McKinsey & Company report significant amounts of women were in that chorus. The annual Women in the Workplace study surveyed 40,000 women to understand our issues. The report details the faulty first step that prevents women from entering management, the impact of Covid-19 and the critical decisions that companies face to continue gains in female workforce and management participation. The report published last fall also highlights the unique impact of the current climate on women of color, working mothers and women with disabilities. And as an African-American working mother, I certainly know the words to that song.

In 2020, my motto was “grace and space.” Embracing grace allowed me to empathize with others and understand that everyone is doing the best that they can. Giving others (and myself) space allows everyone time to process everything thrown at us this past year. One of the ways that I have been practicing G&S is through listening to podcasts. I enjoy podcasts that are informative and part confessional, part self-help.  A recent favorite podcast of mine is the Tilted episode discussing how to opt-out of burnout.

I hope that you will take a little time to practice some G&S, listen to a podcast, scream into pillow, or maybe belt out your favorite song!

Take Care!

J’Tia Hart, PhD
WIST Program Initiator
[email protected]