May 2022 Edition

Janell PiechocinskiJanell Piechocinski, Construction & University R&D Procurement (FMP-PRO)

Growing up, Janelle Piechocinski watched her father transform simple pieces of wood into exquisite cabinetry and other products. That workshop-level understanding of woodworking and the business side of construction served her well when she began working in Argonne’s Procurement group in 2004.

“At first, I was an administrative assistant but my early exposure to the construction industry provided a unique foundation of understanding that I expanded upon,” said Piechocinski, who built upon a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Master of Business Administration degree in 2008.

Today, Piechocinski is Argonne’s Construction and University Research and Development Procurement Manager. She facilitates acquisitions of services and materials that attract brilliant individuals from universities around the world to advance cutting-edge research endeavors at Argonne. She also helps the laboratory renovate or construct the facilities in which this research will occur.

“It is so satisfying to see the results of the construction contracts that I author,” said Piechocinski. “That’s truly paramount to me. At the end of the day, I know that those I interact with can rely on me to help them achieve their goals, which in turn helps me achieve mine.”

An innate motivation to help and to contribute to the happiness and success of others has proved most powerful when Piechocinski pairs it with an unwavering commitment to answering the “why” behind large problems or questions.

“I have come to learn that the first glimpse of a problem/situation is sometimes only a small fragment of the larger issue,” said Piechocinski. “It’s important to take time to understand “why” so that the level of rework is less.”

“Anything that is ‘worth it’ takes time to build,” she added.

A hobby florist who also enjoys landscape design, Piechocinski continuously seeks ways to improve her work-life balance and takes time to be mindful of each stage of life.

“It’s as important to know your own strengths as it is to recognize your weaknesses,” she said. “I know that what I want to achieve is pivotal to feeling successful in both.”