Essentially, a polymer is a chain of molecules. Most liquids are composed of small molecules that move around and bump into one another. When the liquids are by themselves, they are called monomers. However, when these molecules combine together in a chemical reaction, they form chains called polymers.*

Making GAK

What’s GAK?

Gak can slowly flow like a liquid, but it also can bounce like a solid. Materials with such behavior are called non-Newtonian fluids.




Borax powder

Food coloring

plastic cup

150 mL beaker

measuring cup

stirring stick

measuring spoons

1. Mixture A – Glue Solution

Add 25 mL of glue (to the 100 mL beaker)

Measure 20 mL of water (in a beaker)

Add water to glue

Add a few drops of food coloring

Stir vigorously

2. Mixture B – 25% Borax Solution

Measure 15 mL of the 25% borax solution
This is made with 60mL water for 1 Tablespoon borax power.
(Note: mix well before measuring)

3. Making the Gak

Add the 15 mL of borax solution (mixture B) to the glue solution (mixture A)

Mix well – The mixture will be slimy at first but will thicken quickly as the polymers form.  Keep stirring until mixture holds together like putty.

Take out of cup & have fun.