Wendy Di

Wendy Di, Computational Mathematician, MCS

This ability to voice one’s ideas was critical to becoming the professional scientist Di wanted to be – one who earned her colleague’s respect with independent thinking and ideas worth hearing. “Eventually, it worked, and now I’m not afraid anymore,” she said. “My advice is never assume any question is ‘stupid’ or ‘silly.’ Just ask!”

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Laura Fox

Laura Fox, Natural Resource Specialist, EVS

Together, with her teams at home and work, Fox finds the end results deeply rewarding.

“My favorite part is when projects come together and the results of good research are shareable to the scientific community,” she said.

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Paytsar Muradyan

Paytsar Muradyan, Atmospheric Scientist, EVS

“Just jump in on the opportunity, ask to be taught, make the skill your own. You never know which skill in particular is going to be useful in your future.  You will never know unless you try.”

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April Novak

April Novak, Computational Scientist, CPS, and Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellow

“Helping nuclear energy contribute to clean energy and climate change resolutions would be great validation for my career,” said Novak. “Nuclear energy has a lot to offer from a lot of perspectives and I believe I can contribute to making the world a better place.”

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Pam Richmond

Pam Richmond, Senior Web Developer, EVS

Her advice to women interested in careers in science or technology is, “Be open to trying new things, and be willing to make mistakes or fail; competence doesn’t come easily, but it’s worth the investment of time and energy to develop yourself.”

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Emily Zvolanek

Emily Zvolanek, Senior GIS Analyst

Her advice to young professional women interested in science is “pursue what you are interested in and are passionate about. If you’re the only one who looks like you in any sort of situation, whether it’s gender or race, that can feel isolating. My best advice is push through it because it won’t be that way forever. It will all work out in the end.”
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Last Updated: July 28, 2022