BHM Trivia Week Two

1.  I am the city of the first black airport, the home of a training school for black pilots and airplane mechanics and notable persons. What is my name? Robbins, Illinois

2.  During the “Reconstruction Era” there were several hundred “Black Towns” established throughout the U.S., name the Black Towns that were established in Illinois and the year the towns were incorporated. Brooklyn (Love Joy) 1873, New Philadelphia 1836, Robbins Village 1917

3.  Who was the first Black astronaut?

Major Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.
Colonel Fredrick D. Gregory
Ronald E. McNair
Major Guion S. Bluford

4.  What was the first Black Greek letter organization? (think hard)

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alpha Phi Alpha
Sigma Pi Phi
Kappa Alpha Psi

5.  Name the planners of what is now Washington, DC
Benjamin Banneker and Andrew Ellicott

Winner: Jacquie Krupa (LEG)


BHM Trivia Week One

  1. In 1970 I became the first black person to direct a movie for a major Hollywood studio, who am I?  Gordon Parks
  2. Which Miss America went on to become a veterinarian?  Debbye Turner
  3. How did Denmark Vessey gain his freedom in 1799?  Won $600 in a city lottery
  4. Name the first black-owned television station in the U.S., the year that it started broadcasting, and the location.   WGPR, 1975, Detroit
  5. What national organization was founded on President Lincoln’s birthday. Name the organization and date it was founded.   NAACP, 2/12/1909

Winner: Mary Casey (CPA)

Black History Month Trivia

Week one winner is Harrel Townsend (HRS)

Monday: Known for his social and political views, who published “The Souls of Black Folks” in 1903?
Answer: W.E.B. DuBois

Tuesday: Alice Walker’s “Meridian” is a novel about what?
Answer: Civil Right’s Movement

Wednesday: Who founded the DuSable Museum of African American History, located in Chicago, Illinois?
Answer: Dr. Margaret Burroughs

Thursday: What was the name of Marcus Garvey’s shipping company that was owned and operated entirely by Blacks?
Answer: Black Star Line

Friday: Established in 1881, what college holds the distinction of being America’s oldest historically black college for women?
Answer: Spelman College


Week two winner  is Tracy Thomas (PSC)

Monday: What state has the most black institutions of higher learning?
Answer: Georgia

Tuesday: Cheyney State; the oldest black American college, was founded in what year?
Answer: 1837

Wednesday: What is the stage name of female rapper and actress Dana Owens?
Answer: Queen Latifah

Thursday: What did William L. Still organize in 1880 for black youth?
Answer: YMCA

Friday: Who founded the National Council of Negro Women in 1935 after six years of planning?
Answer: Mary McLeod Bethune


Week three winner is Michael Patrick Rabbitt (BIS)

Monday: Who started the Gold Medal Awards, later named for him, which recognized the highest or noblest achievement by a black American?
Answer: Joel E. Springarn

Tuesday: Who lost her teaching job due to a lawsuit against her for refusing to give up her seat in a railroad car marked “Whites Only”?
Answer: Ida B. Wells

Wednesday: During the transatlantic slave trade, the largest numbers of Africans were imported to what three countries?
Answer: Brazil, Jamaica, and Haiti (Disqualified question)

Thursday: Who appointed Thurgood Marshall to the U.S. Supreme Court?
Answer: Lyndon B. Johnson

Friday: Who was the first accredited Black American physician in the United States?
Answer: James McCune Smith


Week four winner is Carolyn Olijar (NWM)

Monday: Who invented the lawn mower?
Answer: Edwin Beard Budding in 1830.
* This is one of the questions that was worded wrong for the answer I was given (John Albert Burr patented an improved rotary blade lawn mower in 1899).

Tuesday: Who is responsible for inventing the method of converting gas into electricity?
Answer: Meredith Gourdine

Wednesday: Who invented the control unit for the artificial heart stimulator?
Answer: Otis Boykin

Thursday: Name the three journalist sons of educator, poet, and author Ephraim Poston?
Answer: Ulysses, Robert, and Ted Poston

Friday: This dancer – choreographer founded his own dance company in 1957 and developed “Revelations” one of the best known, most often seen modern dance performances. Name him.
Answer: Alvin Ailey