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Carolyn Phillips, Aneesur Rahman Postdoctoral Fellow in the Computing, Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) Directorate, presented her work on “Exploring the Design Space of Material Systems with Emergent Complex Structures” at the Computation Institute’s December Data Lunch Seminar.

Phillips’ work centers on simulation analysis and management strategies for overcoming some of the hurdles associated with designing self-assembling systems for materials discovery.

Designing such small-scale structures requires large-scale data analysis, which can present computational challenges and impede progress. Carolyn’s work aims to save researchers both time and resources by making smarter, more automated simulations that yield meaningful results. The essence of Carolyn’s talk was captured in the December issue of the Computation Institute’s blog, ScaleOut, in which she explains how her approach will “Let Math Do the Dirty Work on Data.”

Carolyn Phillips is the Aneesur Rahman Postdoctoral Fellow in the CELS Directorate and the University of Chicago’s Computation Institute. She came to Argonne from the University of Michigan, where she earned her Ph.D. in Applied Physics and Scientific Computing with Professor Sharon Glotzer.

Her dissertation covered GPU computing, self-assembly of nanoparticles and colloidal clusters, and the mathematical exploration and optimization of the filling problem in two and three dimensions. Phillips is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where she rose to the rank of lieutenant. In her five years of service, Phillips worked as a nuclear propulsion research project engineer directly with two DOE labs.

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