WIST Steering Committee Postdoctoral Membership

Argonne’s Women in Science and Technology (WIST) program would like to invite two members from the postdoctoral and Argonne scholar community to serve as Steering Committee members to support the organization’s mission of promoting the success of women at the Laboratory.  Part of WIST’s mission is to “promote movement toward equity at all levels within Argonne so as to contribute to a best-in-class research and development institution.”  As a significant portion of Argonne’s community, postdocs and fellows benefit from and contribute to WIST programs and initiatives, and, therefore, are welcome to provide input to the Steering Committee.

The responsibilities include the following:  participating in WIST Steering Committee meetings; serving as the WIST liaison to the Postdoctoral Society of Argonne (PSA) and the postdoctoral community-at-large; and advising the WIST Steering Committee on matters of importance to the postdoctoral community.  The expectation is that the WIST Postdoctoral Representatives shall update the PSA board on WIST activities and work with the Postdoctoral Program Coordinator and the WIST Steering Committee on postdoctoral issues as they relate to the WIST mission.

Applications to serve on the WIST Steering Committee are encouraged from female and male candidates.  Two postdoctoral representatives will be selected to serve a one-year term; however, committee members can re-apply for a second term.  Individuals may be nominated by their supervisors, or mentors or they may self-nominate.  The WIST Steering Committee will review the applications and select representatives by majority vote.

Your assistance is requested in identifying postdoctoral and Argonne scholars to the WIST Steering Committee.  Nominating packages should provide curriculum vitae and a cover memo that briefly describes the candidate’s interest in serving as a committee member. Application materials should be sent to Susan Podoba, spodoba@anl.gov by January 5, 2015.  A copy of the application materials should be sent to the candidate’s supervisor.  For more information on the on the postdoctoral committee member positions or the WIST Steering Committee, please contact Tina Henne at khenne@anl.gov or Lisa Durham at ladurham@anl.gov

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.