WIST is seeking a new Program Initiator

Interested employees should review the position and apply online to requisition #2331 under  Internal Applicant on the Argonne Careers  web site: http://www.anl.gov/careers  by February 20, 2016.

Established in 1990, the WIST Program supports the Laboratory’s goal of scientific and engineering excellence through a diverse workforce. WIST activities such as Science Careers in Search of Women (SCSW) and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED) seek to encourage young women to pursue careers in science, engineering and technology. WIST Programs also promote equity within Argonne and the success of women in scientific and technical positions.

The WPI facilitates activities under the guidance of the WIST Steering Committee. Duties of the WPI include:

  • Serve as principal organizer of women’s career conferences at Argonne
  • Serve as central point of contact and facilitator of all WIST-related programs
  • Promote involvement of women and Argonne staff in educational and performance development programs
  • Work with Human Resources (HR) and the Laboratory’s Leadership Institute to identify trends and opportunities in the hiring, development, and inclusion of women
  • Promote networking activities amongst women and between other Argonne technical staff
  • In partnership with HR, the Leadership Institute and laboratory-wide Diversity and Inclusion Activities, identify and develop career development, education and outreach programs
  • The WPI is a role that presents additional duties to the employee’s current position

In the cover letter, please include the following information:

  • Your qualifications for the role based on the WPI position description (limit this to 1-2 pages)
  • Why you are interested in the WPI position.

For more information about the position and WIST, please contact Cristina Negri at negri@anl.gov or ext. 2-9662.