WIST First Friday Forum – Challenges of Professional Development for Scientists

Date: Friday, March 6, 2015
Time: Noon to 1 p.m.
Location: Building 240, Room 1405

You are all invited to attend a WIST First Friday Forum on March 6, 2015 starting at noon.

Dr. Elena V. Timofeeva will discuss the challenges and benefits that professional development presents for scientists in general, and women scientists in particular.

In a constantly changing world everyone needs to be adaptive for the new environment professionally and personally. This results in a constant and never ending learning of new skills. To learn new things you have to have an open mind and believe in your abilities, but often we fall victim to stereotypes. But every one of us is capable of doing so much more than just fulfilling the stereotypes. Having more examples of scientists and women that break the stereotypes would empower and engage more people to make a positive change for themselves and the community at large.

About the Presenter

Dr. Elena V. Timofeeva

Dr. Elena V. Timofeeva, Principal Chemist at Energy Systems Division and Argonne’s PI of ARPA-E project “Prototype of Nanoelectrofuel Flow Battery Scalable for EV Applications” in collaboration with Illinois Institute of Technology.

Elena received her PhD in electrochemistry and physical chemistry from Moscow State University (Russia) and has more than 10 years of research experience in academia and national labs. Her expertise is in nanotechnology, material science, energy storage and thermal management. Lately her research has been focused on functional nanomaterials and nanofluids engineering for variety of applications. Elena leads several research projects in nanoelectrofuel flow batteries and thermal energy management funded by LDRD, EERE/DOE and ARPA-E/DOE programs. She is co-inventor on 6 patent applications; authored 38 highly cited research papers, 2 book chapters and more than 50 conference presentations.

For more information, please contact Lisa Durham at ladurham@anl.gov.