1. Facilitate the WIST mission by actively developing and contributing to program initiatives.
  2. Assist the WPI by serving as an additional resource/contact point for WIST information.
  3. Share relevant WIST information with colleagues across the laboratory and external networks as appropriate.

Committee Chairs

  • Communications Committee: Karen Burgess (Chair), Shannon Splawski (Deputy Chair)
  • Connections Committee: Paige Savarese (Chair), Ross Pallan (Deputy Chair)
  • Operational Management Committee: Amy Hortop (Chair), Suzanne Beaudry (Deputy Chair)
  • Outreach Committee: Bethany Kersten (Chair)
  • Professional Development: Jessica Daniels (Chair), Catherine Peters (Deputy Chair)

Everyone at the laboratory is welcome to join one or more committees or to support individual events or initiatives led by the committees.  

Interested? Email [email protected].

Last Updated: April 18, 2024