To Donate: GoFundMe Page

The Argonne National Laboratory Veterans Employee Resource Group is raising money to sponsor/fund the training and care of a service K9 for a local Veteran with PTSD in honor of Tom Hart, brother-in-law of Diane Hart from Argonne’s S&T Partnerships and Outreach Directorate. Tom was a Lance Corporal and rifleman in the 1st Recon Battalion, 1st Marine Division.

Diane and her husband Mitch and family lost Tom as a direct result of his PTSD from his time served in the Vietnam War and wish to support a Veteran currently struggling with PTSD through sponsorship of a K-9 service dog.

Argonne Veterans are supporting K9s for Veterans because of the direct impact the program has on our local veteran community, and the way Veterans are integral in the training of their own PTSD K9. As the response to PTSD varies among individuals, it’s important that the animal is trained to respond to a Veteran’s unique symptoms and triggers. In addition to training, K9s for Veterans also provides veterinary services and food for free for the life of the animal.