New Funding to Study CO2 Capture from Air

A joint Oregon State-Argonne project receives $1.6 M over three years to study new chemistries for direct CO2 capture from air.

Oregon State University chemistry professor May Nyman has been selected as one of the leaders of a $24 million federal effort to develop technologies for combating climate change by extracting carbon from the air.

The funding is spread among nine research projects, with Nyman receiving $1.6 million over three years to lead a collaboration that includes scientists from the Argonne National Laboratory as well as Oregon State.

The work by Nyman, OSU computational chemist Tim Zuehlsdorff and Argonne’s Ahmet Uysal and Michael Servis is part of a nine-project carbon capture and storage mission being funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. [Read more]




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