Congrats and Farewell — June 2013

Congrats and Farewell for June 2013

  • Jennifer Steeb (CSE) — Assistant Chemist in CSE
  • Francesc Puig (NE) — Nuclear Engineer in NE
  • Yuki Hamada (EVS) — Assistant Biophysical Remote Sensing Scientist in EVS
  • Sunshine Silver (CSE) — Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences at Concordia University
  • Erin Iski (NST) — Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Tulsa
  • Sergey Baryshev (HEP) — Research Scientist at Euclid TechLabs
  • Kyler Kuehn (HEP) — Instrument Scientist at Australian Astronomical Observatory
  • Maxim Nikiforov (NST) — Research Staff at Hummingbird Scientific

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