Do you want to have your very own garden plot here at Argonne? Or just hang out once a month and talk about gardening? The Garden Club is here for you!


We hope your gardening is going well and the season is bountiful!

The 2019 Summer Picnic will be held on Tuesday August 27th from noon to 1pm. Please RSVP here. We will be holding a potluck competition at the picnic with prizes for most unique use of produce and best overall dish!

Fall gardening in unused plots is available free of charge- please contact to obtain an empty plot for fall gardening.

Please see our Plot Program information page.





Please Volunteer

The Argonne Garden Club is run by current and retired employees. If you enjoy the perk of gardening onsite and want to keep it, please consider volunteering for one or more of the jobs that are required to keep us running. “It takes a lab!”