Code of Conduct

All Argonne employees are encouraged to take part in the blog conversations by sharing insights, asking questions and posting comments. The blog will be moderated and your name will appear with your post. In order to foster an engaging and constructive dialogue, please use the following guidelines:

Respect your audience and your coworkers. Remember, Argonne is an international community whose employees reflect a diverse set of customs, values and points of view. Be respectful and focus on work-related issues.

Use good judgment. Argonne’s mentoring blog is intended to promote constructive, respectful and productive dialogue across the laboratory. The goal is to foster an organic, robust mentoring community and support ongoing information exchange. Multiple perspectives will be a valuable component of the blog.

Contribute and participate. Ask questions. Share ideas. We all have valuable contributions to make. Whether you offer a different point of view, a best practice to share or other relevant experiences, the respectful exchange of ideas benefits everyone.

Do not share sensitive information. Argonne’s rules of conduct apply to the mentoring blog. The blog is publicly viewable, so please use discretion in discussing confidential or proprietary information.