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Not feeling so bloggy?

The new [email protected] email address presents a private forum for communicating one-on-one with Dr. Erin Thomas, the Lab’s Gender Diversity Specialist, about all topics related to mentoring. Do you want to start a mentoring program in your division? Do you want personalized … Read More »

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How was your weekend?

Mentoring doesn’t have to be all business. Getting to know your mentor/mentee on a personal level can enhance the relationship by building camaraderie and trust. Your professional relationship does not preclude a personal connection. Instead of jumping right to business … Read More »

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Mentoring is for the weak

This is a common mentoring myth. In fact, mentoring is a proactive form of professional development with the potential to impact everything from the size of one’s professional network to one’s advancement rate and job satisfaction. A good mentor simply … Read More »

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Get connected

The Mentoring at Argonne LinkedIn group is your one-stop portal for connecting with Argonne mentors, mentees and advocates. Think of this as a directory of biographical profiles and a touchpoint for the latest mentoring-related news and commentaries in the popular … Read More »

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Peer mentoring

Mentoring is often conceived of as occurring between individuals with different professional ranks. Do you think it’s possible to be effectively mentored by a peer?

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