Meeting Minutes, 4/15/14

New 200-area Plots

  • To replace the building 214 plot area, a new plot area will open south of 200
  • People who had 214 plots can request this new area or elsewhere
  • We will try to consolidate people who prefer tilling/no tilling in blocks, to make it easier for FMS to till in spring
  • FMS may be able to add some soil improvers (compost/sand/topsoil)
  • Proposed to have one steward per block of 20 plots or so

Courtyard tilling

  • Since it’s difficult for FMS to till courtyard plots (have to wait til after hours because of restrictions on moving equipment through buildings), they have asked us to consider moving all courtyard plots to no-till
  • Would be starting no earlier than next year
  • May do a trial run with a select courtyard

Plot cap

  • FMS asked us to consider having a cap on the number of plots that a single gardener can own (up to 4, for example)
  • This is due to the cost involved
  • Not instituted this year, but perhaps next year
  • Existing gardeners with more than 4 plots would be grandfathered in

Spring cleaning

  • Everyone is asked to remove their equipment from the plots so that FMS can till
  • Stewards can ask for garbage removal from FMS

Plots going to seed

  • If a neighbor is ignoring a plot and the weeds are bothersome, contact your steward
  • Steward will notify the offender at least twice via email and then it may be reassigned if no response

Earth Day

  • Argonne’s Earth Day event is April 22 at the Building 213 cafeteria from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
  • We will have a booth and hand out seeds and info about plot programs
  • Volunteers requested to staff the event—contact

Next meetings

  • May – Lecture on fruit tree guilds (companion plant-type system to improve sustainability and yield)
  • June – Lecture on how to keep backyard chickens
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