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Erin L. Thomas, Gender Diversity Specialist, works to develop systematic approaches for the representation, development and advancement of researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers at Argonne while engaging both female and male staff. Dr. Thomas has a PhD in Social Psychology from Yale University, where she conducted research on race and gender perceptions in workplace, economic and social policy contexts. She also received bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and International Studies and a master’s of science from Yale.

Argonne/AWIS Mentoring Event – RSVP Today!

In honor of National Mentoring Month, Argonne is partnering with the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) to host a mentoring event on Saturday, January 25, 2014. The event will take place from 9:30am-1pm on UChicago’s campus and will feature: … Read More »

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Inaugural Outstanding Staff Mentor Award

As a world-class laboratory that is committed to excellence and innovation, strong mentoring relationships are critical to provide all employees with the organizational support they need to achieve their full potential. To reinforce the high value the laboratory places on … Read More »

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Being talked about can be good for your career

“Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.”  – Jeff Bezos, Founder of     Personal brand is commonly overlooked as a component of professional growth. Most mentoring conversations center on how to conduct … Read More »

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What’s next?

If you stop developing in this rapidly growing scientific age, the field will grow without you. Even if you’ve achieved your highest occupational goals, there is no ceiling to professional and personal growth. There is always a next level both … Read More »

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Call for guest posts

Would you like to be a Mentoring Blog contributor? Submit your mentoring-related questions, topics, or stories to [email protected] and you could be featured here next Thursday!

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Think outside the (Argonne) box

Having a mentor who is external to your organization can go a long way in giving you perspective on your professional future or shortcomings. Take advantage of professional organizations and even your friends and family to give you insight on how … Read More »

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Not feeling so bloggy?

The new [email protected] email address presents a private forum for communicating one-on-one with Dr. Erin Thomas, the Lab’s Gender Diversity Specialist, about all topics related to mentoring. Do you want to start a mentoring program in your division? Do you want personalized … Read More »

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How was your weekend?

Mentoring doesn’t have to be all business. Getting to know your mentor/mentee on a personal level can enhance the relationship by building camaraderie and trust. Your professional relationship does not preclude a personal connection. Instead of jumping right to business … Read More »

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Mentoring is for the weak

This is a common mentoring myth. In fact, mentoring is a proactive form of professional development with the potential to impact everything from the size of one’s professional network to one’s advancement rate and job satisfaction. A good mentor simply … Read More »

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Get connected

The Mentoring at Argonne LinkedIn group is your one-stop portal for connecting with Argonne mentors, mentees and advocates. Think of this as a directory of biographical profiles and a touchpoint for the latest mentoring-related news and commentaries in the popular … Read More »

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