What’s next?

9269346923_74efa87a46_n-1If you stop developing in this rapidly growing scientific age, the field will grow without you.

Even if you’ve achieved your highest occupational goals, there is no ceiling to professional and personal growth. There is always a next level both in how you work and in how you interact with your co-workers.

You might think you’ve got everything figured out, but how will you stay new?

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(Post adapted from a February 2011 feature on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.)

About Erin Thomas

Erin L. Thomas, Gender Diversity Specialist, works to develop systematic approaches for the representation, development and advancement of researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers at Argonne while engaging both female and male staff. Dr. Thomas has a PhD in Social Psychology from Yale University, where she conducted research on race and gender perceptions in workplace, economic and social policy contexts. She also received bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and International Studies and a master’s of science from Yale.
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