CCBC: Center for Catalysis in Biomimetic Confinement

Dave, Lisa, Oleg, Nina, and Karen are excited to be PIs in the newly formed Center for Catalysis in Biomimetic Confinement (CCBC) Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC)! CCBC is led by Prof. Cheryl Kerfeld (Michigan State University, LBNL) and brings together researchers from MSU, Argonne, and LBNL. The overall goal of CCBC is acquire a fundamental understanding of how multi-step reaction pathways are confined within and optimized by selectively permeable protein-based shells of Bacterial Microcompartments (BMCs) and to apply this knowledge to establish BMC shell proteins as building blocks that can be used for confined, hierarchically-ordered biological and synthetic multi-step catalysis.

This is an exciting opportunity to investigate biohybrid and molecular photochemistry in unique microenvironments, can’t wait to get started!

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